40 Easy Mehndi Designs For Newbies 2022

Mehndi designs have been a tradition for ages and when applied to palms and hands makes you stand out among all. Be it wedding ceremonies or any other auspicious festivals, mehndi is thought a representative of purity and positivity. Mehndi is loved by women of all generations because of its beautiful fragrance and amazing patterns. Mehndi improves the beauty of one’s palms, hands, and feet depending on where the mehndi is used on. Mehndi is also known as henna as the powder is emanated from the henna plant.

Mehndi designs used to be very essential previously but with time mehndi designs have evolved a lot and have become more creative and beautiful. Presently, not only women but even men started garnishing their hands and feet with mehndi. Despite the growing tattoo culture mehndi would never lose its significance and will still be acknowledged as a body art that brings fortune, and positivity and at the exact time beautifies your hands and feet.

Want to get a mehndi but ain’t sure where to start with? Here are some straightforward mehndi designs for beginners that will keep you going. These inspiring and comfortable mehndi designs will make you stand out among all others.

40 Easy Mehndi Designs For Beginners

1. The easiest mehndi design

easiest mehndi design
The easiest mehndi design

This is the easiest mehndi design with just a circle floral design at the center. The other patterns are made at the fingers to supply a symmetrical pattern. This design is considered very easy and if you are a beginner in mehndi art you should start with this one. This mehndi design is suggested for hands, palms, and fingers.

2. The geometric design mehndi

The geometric design mehndi
image source – Instagram

This is a very uncomplicated and easy mehndi design that is made up of geometric patterns. A triangle on the upper hand side or the palm side along with floral imprints on your fingers will make your hands look beautiful. Pair this design with a ring and you are good to go.

3. Easy floral mehndi design

easy floral mehndi
image source – Instagram

Floral mehndi designs are supposed to be the easiest ones for beginners. If you are examining a floral but easy mehndi design you should start with this one. This mehndi design represents the purity of nature. A leaf structure on the palm paired up with deep mehndi on the fingers makes this mehndi design stand out among all. It is a very pure yet beautiful design.

4. The name mehndi design

The name design mehndi
image source – Instagram

Another very effortless mehndi design is the name initial mehndi design. It is very famous during the wedding traditions where the bride writes the initials of her groom for showing her love towards him. It is a sign of togetherness and forever and is typically made on the palms. Just write the starting letter of your partner and make a design surrounding it. Your mehndi design is prepared.

5. The traditional mehndi design

The traditional mehndi design
image source – Instagram

This is a mehndi design that is negligibly on the traditional side. The shading should be particularly accepted care of, as the beauty of this mehndi design lies completely in the shading technique. Clear yet complicated this mehndi design is best fitted for the feet or the palms. The correct combination of floral patterns along with the deep shading is a great illustration of a beautiful mehndi design for beginners and newbies.

6. The peacock mehndi design

The peacock mehndi design
image source – Instagram

The peacock mehndi design is an excellent example of easy mehndi designs for beginners. Be it on the palms of the hands this mehndi design is impressive. A peacock naturally denotes eternal life and pride. This mehndi design displays elegance and pride. Combining the design of a peacock with blunt shades near the fingers will assist you to achieve this design. Detailing is necessary when it comes to drawing the feathers of the peacock.

7. Easy floral mehndi design

Easy floral mehndi design
image source – Instagram

The perfect combination of floral mehndi designs along with shapes has been in the trend for quite a long time currently. Be it Diwali or any other ceremony, you can readily rock with this mehndi design. Flowers are the base of this design. Just draw a few flowers and incorporate them with leaves and vines so that the flowers remain connected. This effortless floral mehndi denotes positivity and purity.

8. Mehndi design for beginners

Mehndi design for beginners
image source – Instagram

This is a very minimalistic mehndi design served for hands and palms. This is a very easy-to-make mehndi design derived from the idea of jewelry for women. The jewelry mehndi design trend was quite famous in the 20th century. This design consists of a combination of flowers and the right shades. A very easy-to-make mehndi design that can be mastered with a tiny bit of practice and creativity.

9. The spiral mehndi design

The spiral mehndi design
image source – Instagram

An easy spiral and circular mehndi design always look beautiful on your hands. Combined with proper circular patterns and perfect shades this design is pure and simple. The spiral circular mehndi design should be made on the palm followed by bonding the circular spiral with a vine-like line with a floral design on your finger. You can even add colors to improve the mehndi design.

10. The mandala design

The mandala design
image source – Instagram

Currently, in the trend, the mandala mehndi design is very popular among newbies. The term “Mandala” generally means the universe according to Hinduism and Buddhism. This design is considered promising for brides and is generally done to have a loving and pure relationship in the upcoming years. Some marriage ceremonies have a compulsory rule of having the mandala mehndi design as a part of their ritual.

11. The authentic mehndi design

The authentic mehndi design
image source – Instagram

Authentic mehndi designs are the most loved ones when it arrives at mehndi designs for brides. These designs are typically done on legs and feet. A combination of tradition and modernity glances through this mehndi design. This is one of the top preferences for beginners because the design seems stunning despite less effort. Empty spaces and a combination of dark and light strokes with proper texture additionally add charm to the design.

12. Henna design for beginners

Henna design for beginners
image source – Instagram

This is one of the best henna designs for novices over. Just initiate your mehndi designing with floral patterns and swirls. Floral patterns have forever been a base for mehndi designs. Moreover, it expertly blends with structures, blends, and dark shades. Add nail paints to enhance the look. This easy-to-do mehndi design is best fitted for hands.

13. Mehndi design for fingers

Finger mehndi
image source – Instagram

Mehndi’s design for fingers is fairly new but very easy to make. If you are a beginner you should start with a finger mehndi. Add floral structures or paisleys or motifs to develop the designs. You can also add never-ending vines that could improve your hands further. Always use nail polish on your nails to make the glance bold and vibrant.

14. Very easy mehndi design

very easy mehndi design
image source – Instagram

Although seems like a full-hand tattoo, this is one of the most effortless mehndi designs. This design takes time but the finished product appears extremely beautiful. The combination of floral structures, leafy vines, alphanumerics, and paisleys forms an illusion sort of a design altogether. Entire hand mehndi designs are very typical during wedding ceremonies in India and will continue to be very popular.

15. The Khafif mehndi design

The Khafif mehndi design
image source – Instagram

The Khafif mehndi design is a mix of modern and authentic mehndi designs. The design might seem complicated but it is a very effortless-to-make mehndi design. It looks stunning and difficult at the same time, but most importantly it needs minimal effort. Floral patterns are the base of this design and the designs are bound by drawing vines alongside. Creating a centric design of a peacock will also enhance the design and make it look artistic.

16. Arabic mehndi design

arabic mehndi design
image source – Pinterest

Arabic mehndi designs may look complex but are very easy to make. The Arabic mehndi design is a minimalistic mehndi design that does not concentrate on floral patterns entirely. The entire Arabic concept comprises dots, swirls, and floral patterns. You can mark this on your hands or legs. The finishing of this design looks spectacular.

17. Floral print mehndi design

Floral print mehndi design
image courtesy – Instagram

Doesn’t this easy mehndi design look beautiful yet clean? Well, indeed it looks stunning. This is a very pure henna design for beginners who wants to start off with mehndi designing. Draw some flowers using mehndi producing a minor gap so that the design looks very awesome and clean. This design is suitable best for legs.

18. Paisleys mehndi design

paisleys mehndi design
image source – Instagram

Paisley’s mehndi layouts or motifs never go out of the trend. Even though lately they have lost the hype but in coming years the value will never be lost. An excellent combination of floral patterns, swirls, and vines make this design look unique. The paisleys are made thinner in size and corresponded to the previous designs. Best suited for hands this design really looks complex but is very simple to do.

19. Butterfly mehndi design

butterfly mehndi design
image source – interest

Although looks like a tattoo, this mehndi design means modernity and freedom. This mehndi design is best suited for the wrist and hands. Drawing an asymmetrical butterfly along with swirls and stars will make it a glimpse wonderful. Similarly, you can rock it with black/brown colored nail polish.

20. Easy mehndi design for hands

Easy mehndi design for hands
image source – Instagram

Floral patterns on the side of the hands along with serious shades at the tip of the fingers are the most effortless mehndi design for hands. Top this mehndi design with minimized original designs at the upper part of the finger right below the shades. This design appears exclusively attractive when done right.

21. The mughal mehndi design

The mughal mehndi design
image source – Instagram

This mehndi design is inspired by the Mughals and focuses more on thicker patterns in the design. Minute designing is not required as the design mostly relies on bigger and clean designs. Combining big floral patterns with detailed bright shading is the prime vision of this henna design. This design really makes you look like a Mughal queen if done properly and precisely.

22. Easy mehndi designs for couples

Easy Mehndi designs for couples
image source – Instagram

Couples love making the “love symbol” mehndi layout. Be it a guy or a girl couple mehndi’s are quite familiar during their special occasions (anniversary day or birthday) or wedding ceremonies. This is an exceptionally easy mehndi design where you just need to draw a heart at the palm or at the center part of your hand and then merge it with asymmetrical designs including flowers. The tip of the fingers is dark-shaded to make the mehndi look enthusiastic.

23. The symmetric floral mehndi design

The symmentric floral mehndi design
image source – Instagram

Symmetrical floral mehndi designs are one of the most effortless mehndi designs especially if you are a beginner. The mehndi design is mostly done in the foot region. Just split your drawing into two parts. Draw some textured flower designs on one side and connect them with more floral designs along with symmetric patterns on the other side.

24. Minimalistic mehndi design

minimalistic mehndi design
image source – Instagram

This is a minimalistic floral mehndi layout. The main idea of this mehndi design is to combine bigger floral patterns with small floral patterns. You just need to use the sizes of the circle to make it look interesting. This is a very easy mehndi design but looks amazing when done thoroughly.

25. Very easy mehndi designs for foot

 easy mehndi designs for foot
image source – Instagram

Attractive yet comfortable? If this is what you are searching for then this painless mehndi design for the foot should be your prime choice. Mandala design along with floral patterns right at the end of the information will leave your observers in awe. It is a great mehndi design for newbies to start off with.

26. Easy mehndi designs with petite strokes

Easy mehndi designs with petite strokes
image source – Instagram

This is essentially a mehndi design generally done for brides. One who wants a mehndi design that includes petite strokes should certainly opt for this one. The design peeks very modernly yet traditional. Neat strokes of henna along with asymmetrical floral designs will leave others in awe.

27. Leafy mehndi design

Leafy mehndi design
image source – Instagram

Another modern yet easy mehndi design is the leafy mehndi design. Just draw leaves and combine them with vines to form a chain-like design on your hands. Paired up with a watch this design looks deeply unique and classy. Most importantly, it demands minimal effort to do this design.

28. Easy mehndi design for back hands

Easy mehndi design for back hands
image source – Instagram

This is a very effortless mehndi design for back hands which includes swirls and symmetrical floral patterns. The design is divided into three domains. The upper part typically includes blunt shading, the middle portion includes floral swirls and motifs whereas the lower portion includes a traditional themed pattern. Combing all three of them shows to such a wonder of a design.

29. The soothing mehndi design

easy soothing mehndi design
image source – Instagram

The perfect combination of the dark is light shades leads to this wonderful mehndi design. Concentric floral designs along with vines, dots, and sunflower patterns guide this design. Combine all of them to get this very comfortable make mehndi design.

30. Easy mehndi design for fingers

Easy mehndi design for fingers
image source – Instagram

This is an easy mehndi design for fingers. Floral designs are connected with small sunflower patterns to achieve this mehndi design. The tip should be darkly shaded to create the design look vibrant. This is a kind of modern and aesthetic design that will make your hands look uniquely out of the box.

31. The vibrant pot mehndi design

The vibrant pot mehndi design
image source – Instagram

Generally done with black henna, the primary mantra of this henna design is to stand out among all. This henna design is based on the gothic vision and shouts modernism. These pots typically suggest independence and freedom. Although looks complex, this mehndi design is very painless to make. Just draw some pots on your backhand and connect them with deep shading. Voila! your mehndi design is prepared.

32. The shoe mehndi design

The shoe mehndi design
image source – Instagram

A special mehndi design, the shoe mehndi design is a very simple one. Just cover your whole feet laterally with continued vine-like patterns. Add a variety of light and dark shades at the end. The design seems very classy. You can further add diagonal patterns to make it look authentic.

33. Easy square mehndi design for beginners

easy square mehndi design
image source – Instagram

Squared, cubical, or triangular mehndi designs are very comfortable to make but look extremely stylish when done properly. This square mehndi design just demands drawing a series of squares one after the other and putting a dot in between all of them. It appears complicated but trusts me it’s very easy. You can conclude the design by drawing a succession of small floral patterns on the wrist.

34. New and easy mehndi design

new and easy mehndi design
image source – Instagram

This straightforward mehndi design depicts the Arabic style of mehndi designing. Although appears complex, the design is very effortless to make. Perfectly manipulated swirls and light shades will assist you to achieve this design. It is a symmetrical kind of design that looks very clean.

35. Another easy mehndi design

Another easy mehndi design
image source – Instagram

A flower-like structure in the middle followed by intense symmetrical lines on the fingers is the secret that creates this mehndi design looks fabulous. Dark shading is required at the tip of the finger to make the design look complete. This is really a very easy and common mehndi design.

36. Easy shaded mehndi design

Easy shaded mehndi design
image source – Pinterest

Shaded mehndi designs really make you look good and unique. A perfect mixture of light and dark shades drawn along floral patterns will assist you to achieve this henna design. This is a very easy-to-master mehndi design that gradually beautifies your hands.

37. Easy full hand mehndi design

easy full hand mehndi design
image source – Pinterest

Full hand mehndi designs appear hard to make but are actually easy if you master the art. These mehndi designs demand concentration and focus as the drawing takes a lot of time. But the entire procedure is easy as you just require to draw floral traditional patterns along with symmetrical patterns.

38. Dotted and vines mehndi design

dotted and vines mehndi design
image source – Instagram

Drawing a chain of vines is very comfortable. Well, this mehndi design is really that easy to make. If you are a newbie and want to start off with an easy henna design, then you should certainly start with this one. This mehndi design is useful for hands and wrists.

39. Easy Eid mehndi design

Easy Eid mehndi designs
image source – Instagram

This easy mehndi design is specially created for the Eid ceremony. Muslims all over the world view this ceremony as the festival of breaking fast. The moon in this mehndi design signifies the end of the Islamic month of Ramadan and the beginning of the month of Shawwal. This is a very easy design that you can particularly draw during the Eid ceremony.

40. Very easy traditional mehndi design

Very easy traditional mehndi design
image source – Facebook

This traditional mehndi design is another straightforward mehndi design that you should opt for if you are a beginner. It follows an easy trail slightly tilted towards the right side along with floral patterns. This mehndi design became very popular newly as it was featured in the movie “Yeh Jaawani Hai Deewani” where Deepika Padukone shocked everyone with this amazing mehndi design. Just follow a pattern and you are fine to go with this design.

So here we come to the end of the matter “Easy Mehndi Designs For Newbies in 2022”. If you like any of the mehndi designs featured above don’t forget to screenshot them and start practicing. Also, don’t forget to drop views about more mehndi designs that are applicable for beginners.

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