6 effective home remedies to prevent baldness in men

Baldness is a very common problem in men. But most men do not understand the reason. Because they did not know the reason, therefore it is not possible for them to stop them. In fact, baldness in men is due to high levels of dihydrotestosterone (DHT) hormone. The level of DHT hormone is caused by androgenic alopecia disease (male pattern baldness). This DHT destroys hair Follicles and its result comes out as a hair fall.

Do hair loss completely from DHT and you run towards expensive treatments, it will not be better if you control this hormone and save your hair. Here we are referring to blockers such as natural and domestic DHT hormones through which the hormones can be prevented from harming the hair.

1. Saw Palmetto (dwarf palm) Dwarf Tad: DHT is a workman’s home remedy to block the hormone. If its seeds are used as medicines, then by controlling DHT naturally it can save you from being bald.

2. Pumpkin seeds oil: This prevents the formation of DHT hormone by reducing the effect of 5-alpha reductase.

3. Green Tea: Green Tea contains extremely powerful anti oxidants. This reduces DHT and cholesterol.

4. EMU Oil: Linoleic acid found in this oil works like an inhibitor for 5-alpha reductase. Therefore, it is very helpful to prevent DHT hormone diseases.

5. Soybean: Soy isoflavones blocking DHT hormone found in soybean.

6. Scorpion grass: The scorpion grass is completely filled with thorns, which contain a mixture of acetylcholine, histamine, 5-HT and formic acid, which only makes it feel unbearable irritation and itching and the rash comes out. . Hence it is also known as ‘itching plant’. Its roots are used to block DHT hormones.

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