Acidity result of your own carelessness

Acidity is a very common disease, and it can happen to anyone else at any time. However, if Acidity is happening again and it is being ignored, then it can lead to stomach ache, heart burn, cholesterol, acid reflux,indigestion,gerd and even many diseases related to the heart and brain.

After you grow, go to the doctor for treatment. It would be better if you do not want to become acidity and grow.

If you are conscious of your health, then you will definitely not let it grow. But for that you have to know how to avoid this?

What to do

  • The most important thing is to exercise restraint in your diet. Always tie your eyes, clean and eat fresh food.
  • Eat a little less from appetite and immediately after eating, instead of taking tea, coffee and juice, take a glass lassi of black salt, cumin and mint.
  • In the food, try to consume just 20 percent of other things with 80 percent fruits and vegetables.
  • You must decide at least 5 hours between each of your diet. Even avoid eating anything during this time.
  • Do not consume much of tea and coffee.
  • Never take heavy diet at night and avoid eating fruits at night. Most of the stomach problems are caused by the inverse and heavy diets taken at night.
  • The main cause of acidity is not to chew the food properly and not to chew the nit properly. That’s why you are eating anything you eat, if you are chewing tobacco, your possibilities of acidity remain only 50 percent.

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