Alcohol Poisoning test and treatment

Alcohol poisoning is called a condition when a person consumes excessive amounts of alcohol. Occasionally a person is deliberately consumed or deliberately consumed with any other alcoholic substance or isoprophile, methanol and ethylene glycol. This has the full potential of alcohol poisoning. In alcohol poisoning, confusion in the person, hallucination, vomiting, resentment, increased heart rate, slowing breathing, breathing in the middle, closing the sound, getting blue or yellow in the skin, body temperature decreases Signs and symptoms are known as fainting and unconsciousness.

If a person is suspected of alcohol poisoning, he should be taken to the immediate medical emergency medical center. It is confirmed by checking by the doctor and after that it is treated.

Alcohol poisoning diagnosis and investigation

In the case of alcohol poisoning, the doctor examines blood and urine in order to get the information of the above symptoms, to get information on the condition of intoxication, condition, blood sugar and blood alcohol levels.

Treatment of alcohol poisoning-

In the case of alcohol poisoning, there is no way or treatment available to reduce the alcohol reached in the blood. In the case of alcohol poisoning, alcohol is not metabolized by the body or by the time the body gets rid of alcohol, then life is tried.

In the case of alcohol poisoning, there are following treatments which can be given-

  • The heart rate, breathing, blood sugar and vomiting of the respiratory tract should not be stopped, it is carefully monitored.
  • Intubation (a tube applied to breathe in a patient’s respiratory tube) is used to stop breathing or respiratory tract jam. In the state of intoxication of alcohol, sometimes the person’s breath stops or the vomiting gets stuck in the lungs, in which case the intubation is helpful in breathing.
  • The breathtaking decreases, so oxygen can be given to prevent coma.
  • Liquid (NS) is given in the drugs to protect the dehydration.
  • To reduce the serious problems of alcohol poisoning, blood, vitamins and glucose are given in the blood.

If a child or adult is taken using methanol or isoprophypic alcohol for some reason, then he may need hemodialysis (toxic elements from the blood or other disadvantage filtering machine). This can be done to quickly remove blood lethal alcohol or toxin and the life of a person can be saved. The thing to keep in mind is that in the case of alcohol poisoning, no domestic method works. Some people believe that black coffee, bathing with cold water, strolling or sleeping brings comfort to alcohol poisoning, these facts are wrong, this can worsen the situation.

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