Anti-double-Stranded DNA Test – Important Things to Know

Anti-double-stranded DNA test, is a semi-quantitative test. Semi-quantitative test means that this test only, is not sufficient to confirm the disease. It does not have complete information about it. So in addition to this test, to confirm the disease and also to test the doctor to offer.

In anti-double-stranded DNA test, anti-double-stranded DNA present in the blood is checked. It is a special type of antinucleic antibody (ANA), which is found mainly in patients with autoimmune diseases such as: – Systemic lupus. It is in less than 1% of the body of healthy people.
To check the anti-double-stranded DNA antibody, the following test is used-

  • ELISA(  एंजाइम-लिंक्ड इम्मुनोसॉरबेंट ऎसे) 
  • Crithidia luciliae Immunofluorescence Test (क्रिथिडीया लुसीलिए इम्म्यूनोफ्लुओरेसेन्स टेस्ट )
  • Radioimmunoassay(रेडियोइम्मुनोऎसे )

In many laboratory, anti-dsDNA enzyme-linked immunosorbent (ELISA) is used. This is a more reliable and sensitive test.

Occasionally if someone has a disease like Chronic Hepatitis, Primary Biliary Cirrhosis, and Infectious Mononucleosis, or if he is taking medicines such as Procainamide and Hydralazine, they may also have anti- Double stranded DNA is found.

In addition to anti-double stranded DNA, anti-single stranded DNA test is also done. But this auto-antibody is rarely checked and there is no relation with Lupus. But for other autoimmune diseases, it is checked.

ANA is a group of antinucleic antibodies. So if ANA test comes negative then you do not need to have anti-double-stranded DNA or any other tests related to it.

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