Asthma during Pregnancy Overview

Asthma is a very common health problem for pregnant women because asthma is a respiratory disease. In it, due to inflammation in the respiratory tract, they shrink, so that there is a problem in breathing. During pregnancy, asthma not only affects you, but it prevents oxygen from going in your fetal development.

Usually, a healthy pregnancy can be controlled by controlling asthma. In most cases, asthma treatment is safe during pregnancy, however, contact the doctor for safe treatment of asthma.

Asthma risks in pregnant women

If a pregnant woman does not already have symptoms of asthma, then there may not be any symptoms of asthma or wheezing during pregnancy. But if you have symptoms of asthma, then it can affect both mother and fetus in general.

If the pregnant woman’s asthma is not under control, then this may include the risk of the health of the woman: –

  • High blood pressure during pregnancy
  • Preeclampsia causes hypertension and can also affect the placenta, kidney, liver, and brain.

Embryonic risks include-

  • Unusual development of the fetus.
  • Immature birth – Birth of child before 37 weeks of pregnancy.
  • Low weight of child at birth
  • Death of child before birth (prenatal death)

Allergy and asthma have a deep connection. Some people are allergic to the worms such as curtains, rugs, carpets, fumes, cotton wool, woolen cloth, pollen of flowers, animal hair, fungi, and cockroaches.

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