Bedwetting diagnosis in adults

Peeing urine (urinary incontinence) or nocturnal neurosis is a serious problem for sleeping by adults. By the age of 4-5, the control of the bladder increases in children, which is up to 95 percent of the children by the age of 10 years. However, few percent of adolescents and less than 1 percent of adults have bedwetting problem.  This problem can be a cause of shame and monogamy in the elder. The correct investigation of the nocturnal neurosis can be effective treatment by detecting the cause of the problem.

   In order to better explain the problem to the doctor and understand the cause of bedwetting, the victim should keep a record of some things. For example; Whenever the person makes the worst bedwetting day and night. How much urine is released at one time and whether the amount of urine changes in day and night. In the day, how much water the person drinks and how much the amount of other fluid is taken on average. What types of liquids are consumed and whether they contain caffeine, alcohol content. What is the frequency of bedwetting and where the person is not infected with urinary bladder. What is the urin stream fast, medium or slow when going to toilet? Do you suffer from any kind of depression, mental stress or restlessness etc. Knowing these things becomes easier for the doctor to tell the test for the problem of bedwetting.

The following are the main tests for bedwetting in adults:

In Physical Examination – Physical examination, the external observation of the person is tried to understand its internal disorders. This is an initial examination of the person or child suffering from the problem of bedwetting. Prior to treatment, it is important to have a pediatric and neurological examination. Examination of blood pressure, external genital and spinal cord examination is an important part of the physical examination.

Eurodayanic Test – In this test, the diagnosis of urinary bladder, urethra, tubes is done to know how much urine is formed and how much of the bladder has capacity. In this test, from the normal reading to the use of machines, the quantity of urine, the time it takes to get rid of, pressure pressure of the bladder with the help of pressure monitor, internal examination by the imaging test is done etc.

Kidney and bladder Ultrasound – Their ultrasound is done to examine the two vital components of the bladder system. With the help of ultrasound, disorders, infections and irregularities are seen in the limbs. According to these results, the victim is treated.

Apart from these tests, the urine can be detected and the amount of glucose in it, due to other impurities, the reason for sleep neuropsis can be identified.

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