Beneficial home remedies for kidney stone

Treatment of kidney stones depends on how big its size is. Some stones are very small, and it goes out of the urine without any effort. But if their size starts to grow, then it also becomes a problem of discomfort. Although in the medical world, treatment is available for them, but some stones can be removed by home remedies without any medical treatment.

Home remedies: –

In fact, this problem can be treated only through urine, in such cases if the patient is given such substance in excessive amounts, with which the patient is more likely to develop urine, in this process, the stone can emerge with urination. is.

Apples – The best solution for dissolving the kidney stone is the apple. Eat a glass of green apple juice daily. It not only stops the stone from forming but also breaks the stones made.

Bathua- Bathua is very beneficial for overall health. On the other hand, intake in the stones helps to eliminate urine related problems not only, but it also helps to remove the stone. First, boil the water in the water and then add a lemon, salt and roasted pita cumin to this juice of a glass of bath, and eat it regularly.

Grapes – Grape is very beneficial in kidney stones, grapes are considered as natural urine enhancers. Which encourages the body to move out of the stone by accelerating the process of becoming urine in the body.

Banana is rich in vitamin B6, and vitamins Vitamin B6 is very important for kidney stones. This major factor in the formation of Vitamin stones, by breaking the oxalic acid, prevents the formation of an octal crystal.

Coconut water- Coconut water not only prevents stones from forming, but it also creates the position of stone to exit the kidney.

Mango leaves – dry the fresh leaves of mango, grind them into a fine powder and make a powder, and take a teaspoon of it every morning with fresh water during the morning. This method is very effective in solubility of stones.

In Karela-bitter gourd, magnesium and phosphorus do not allow addicts to form stones in the body.

Make powders of pomegranate seeds – pomegranate seeds and dry them and consume it daily with water.

Onion-onion is also considered beneficial in kidney stones. Even though the thing is just about cooked onions, not raw onions. Raw onion should not be eaten in stone. Patients should consume regular onions and its juice.

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