Beneficial Yoga and Mediation for week memory

There is both the prevention and treatment of our every disease in Yoga. But we can not take advantage of them That’s because we do not know about yoga and its real power. In today’s era, we look at yoga as a means of just weight loss and peace of mind. But the real yoga is more powerful in nature than that.

     We are referring to some such asanas here, which is a panacea for many diseases, but they have a very important contribution in enhancing memory.

Posture (आसन)

Shirshasan is considered one of the most beneficial rugs. This posture is most effective in enhancing memory. In this posture, the head is raised on the floor, both feet are raised upwards. By doing so, blood flow starts from the feet to the head. By which the brain receives blood as well as oxygen and starts functioning better. Thereby, there is definitely increase in memory.

Pranayama (प्राणायाम)

Pranayama, we have very unavoidable nature. Its benefits for health are countless. This exercise is invaluable for the mind and brain. Pranayama is the exercise of practicing breathing. In which slowly the breaths are taken inside and left. This exercise not only reduces the stress, but also churns the mind and enhances our memory.

Universalization (सर्वांगासन)

In Sarangbanganan, the head also remains on the floor and the feet stay up. In the upper arm, only the arms and hands of the whole body are raised above the head, in this posture, the upper part of the head and shoulders is raised from the waist to the feet.
In this posture, the brain receives immense blood and oxygen and increases its functioning capacity.

Foothills (पादहस्तासन)

Padahastasan is also a great exercise to speed up memory. Standing on the floor in it, filling long breaths, bowing to the front and touching your feet with both hands. Stay like that for a while and then stand upright. This asana is also a good exercise to bring fresh oxygen and blood to the brain. You will see the difference in your memory in a few days by practicing everyday.

Halasan (हलासन)

Halasan also resembles universalization. Where, both feet live in the air in the totalization, while in Halasan, both legs are placed on the floor behind the head. This seat is also a good easy in memory-enhancing rugs.

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