Benefits of Bottle Gourd (lauki ke fayde)

Bottle-gourd contains about 90% of the water and the remaining vitamins like C, Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, Iron and Fiber. We use bottle-gourd as a vegetable and juice. In summer it is particularly beneficial for health. It is very beneficial for heart diseases, cholesterol and stomach disorders such as jaundice. This is because it is very easy to digest it.

One particular thing related to the bottle-gourd is that if people’s juice is consumed daily in the morning, then such people are less likely to get heart disease. Let’s know about some of the same benefits of bottle-gourd.

Benefits of Health from bottle-gourd-

Bottle-gourd is a good source of fiber and hence it is very suitable for digestion and for consumption in constipation problem.
Bottle-gourd is a nutritious and non-calorie green vegetable, and its consumption is also beneficial for weight loss.
It provides proper nutrition to the body and skin.
It is also a good choice for people with cholesterol problem because it does not contain cholesterol.
Bottle-gourd is very beneficial in the summer, because it is mostly water and hydrate the body as well as keep it cool.
Bottle-gourd’s juice is so effective for heart patients that she can not only open blood vessels, but Blake makes them strong.
In the bottle-gourd, both sodium and potassium are present and that is why it is particularly beneficial for people with hypertension.
Those who are most likely to have stomach problems, they must use bottle-gourd. In Ayurveda, it is also said to be beneficial for the stomach.

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