Best way to relieve body pain after exercise

When you start exercising, then for some time pain in different parts of the body after exercise is very common and it happens to everyone. That is, when you decide to take the body in the right shape, lose weight and become thin, you definitely have to undergo pain for some time. This condition is known in the medical language, ‘delayed onset muscle sentence’ or muscle fever. This pain lasts 24 to 72 hours after the first exercise.

However, there is no such way that you can go through the early stages of painless exercise, but still, you can make your daily routine easier by reducing this pain.

Putting salt in hot water, bathing – In any part of the body, salt is added to the hot water after pain. This provides relief for pain. Similarly, after exercising, after bathing with hot water, it gives relief to the whole body muscle pen (muscle pain).

Cold sikai- after exercise, when there is a severe pain in the body. In this way, ice cream can give you relief for you.

Oil Massage – Oil massage for the body is always good. But if there is a pain in the body then it is even better. This gives you relief from pain, as well as energy in the body. And the body gets refreshed again for the next exercise. Massage from oil enhances blood circulation in the muscles, and blood circulation increases with pain as well as many other advantages to the body.

Cherry juice – After the exercise, cherry juice can reduce the pain in muscles. In the cherry, antioxidant (anthocyanins) calm the feeling of discomfort and irritation in the body.

Take Rest – After exercise, body and muscles need a lot of rest. That’s why you should definitely have sufficient amounts after the exercise. If you do not do this then your problem may increase further.

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