best way to straighten hair without flat iron

Nowadays there is a trend of straight hair, for which many types of shampoo and conditioners are available in the market as well as electrical iron (straighteners) also get in the market. These straighteners forcibly straighten the hair with their hot layers. Apart from this, there is an Option Beauty Parlor, where women come to the streets to get their hair straightened.

Although such techniques make hair straight and beautiful for some time, but after the end of its effect the hair has to suffer a lot. In such a way the question arises that there is no other way which can be straightened without causing the hair to be heated and harm? The answer is, it is! And this method is so easy that you will not be able to believe.

Actually this method is easy and nutritious as well. In this way, the hair gets not only natural but it also breaks down due to breakage, dehydration, rust and lifelessness. This method is the raw milk massage in the hair. Even though it sounds a little strange to hear that how can the hair straight from the raw milk massage? But if you want to know the truth, then try this method yourself once. The result will give your answer to your every question.


For this, you have to take one cup or two cup of raw milk according to the length of your hair and this is to massage the skin with head and gently massage for 10-15 minutes. After this, when the hair gets dry, wash them with your favorite straightening shampoo and conditioner. After this, when your hair gets dry, you will not be convinced that your hair has become so beautiful and straightforward without any hassles.

How does milk work?
Milk is the best source of protein and our hair is also made of protein. In such a situation, when our stubborn, rough and lifeless hair gets extra protein of milk, then these problems are eliminated. When our damaged hair gets a protein, this damage is filled and it gets resolved, straight and soft instead of engaging it.

If you adopt this method twice a week, then after some time, all your hair problems and even Russians will end.

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