Causes of Alcohol Poisoning

Alcohol poisoning is a very serious and deadly condition. If there is some negligence in alcoholism, then alcohol poisoning can be the cause of death. In alcohol poisoning, confusion, hallucination, vomiting, resentment, slowing heart rate, breathing in between, intermittent breathing, loss of hearing, skin becoming blue or yellow, body temperature decreases Signs and symptoms are known as fainting and unconsciousness. Alcohol poisoning can occur for many reasons and in the case of alcohol poisoning due to different reasons, symptoms of alcohol poisoning,alcoholism and seriousness can be reduced or more.

Due to alcohol poisoning

The causes of alcohol poisoning include the following:

Excessive alcohol intake – Alcohol is a form of alcohol that is called ethanol or ethyl alcohol. Ethyl alcohol poisoning usually occurs when a person drinks a lot of alcohol in a very short time. Alcohol digestion is faster than food, and its metabolism is late. The person’s liver can only metraise 10 grams of alcohol per hour. When very high amount of alcohol is consumed in a very short time, it goes wrong in the blood and causes the brain’s functioning system to be disturbed and the brain starts messing with information about normal body operation. This causes heart rate, blood pressure, and inhalation to slow down. Occasionally the breath stops in this situation too. In this situation, death may also occur, so this condition is called alcohol poisoning.

The use of other items of alcohol – other than alcohol, there are many things in which alcohol is found. These items are used in various functions of home or tomorrow-factories, such as medicines, mouthwash, some things to cook food, some things to do in cleaning work etc. Alcohol is used. If the person is consumed intentionally or accidentally by the person, then the person may be a victim of alcohol poisoning.

The use of other forms of alcohol – in addition to ethanol, all other forms of alcohol are extremely toxic. When someone is intentionally or accidentally used by them, alcohol becomes poisoning. This condition is most serious in all conditions of alcohol poisoning. These are forms of alcohol contain isoprophyl alcohol (which is found in rubbing alcohol, some lotions and some cleaning work items), methanol and ethylene glycol (usually used as anti-freeze and in paint).

While drinking, if men drink 210 ml of 42 ml alcohol concentration in two hours (90 ml pure alcohol) or more and women drink 170 ml alcohol alcohol (73 ml pure alcohol) or more than 170 ml, then it is The situation may be the situation of alcohol poisoning. The number of deaths from alcohol poisoning per year is quite large. This data can be reduced by awareness of its causes.

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