Causes of Asthma

A fatal disease of the respiratory system is the main cause of asthma, which can happen to people of any age and any age, is smoke, dust, contaminated gas. These particles produce breathless asthma by breathing in the lungs. This is more to people living in polluted environments.

Due to the polluted particles that reached in the tube of respiration, swelling, infection and cough accumulate in the tube of respiration. When stiffness in the small fibers of the lung tubes is produced, its result is that when the person breathes, the lunar can not fully absorb that air, and the patient can not breathe completely, and He leaves it out without being completely breathed in. This condition is called asthma.

When this disease enters the growing body of the respiratory system, then it starts falling until asthma attack.

Some important factors of asthma disease

  • The biggest cause of asthma disease is the environment where the person is living and working. If there is harmful particles entering in such a place by dust, smoke or breath, then they make the patient as asthmatic.
  • Coldness in the respiratory system also causes asthma.
  • Due to weakness in the lungs, weakness in the heart, weakness in the kidneys, weakness in the intestines, weakness in the nervous system and stomach diseases, asthma diseases occur.
  • High intake of narcotics is also a cause of asthma. If cough, colds and nose are not controlled, then asthma disease can occur.
  • It may also cause asthma to eat more than hunger, or to eat such a diet which is not easily digested.
  • Chilli-spices, fried foods and heavy meals can cause asthma.
  • Asthma disease can occur due to dust and chills in the human tube’s canal.
  • Stopping the velocity of stool-urine can lead to asthma.
  • Due to excessive use of drugs, dryness of the phlegm causes asthma.
  • From animals (from animal skin, hair, wings or crying)
  • Strong emotional mood (such as crying or laughing constantly) and stress
  • Family history, such as if someone has asthma in the family, you are likely to have asthma.
  • Obesity can also be a cause of asthma.
  • The chances of having asthma in the rainy season are highest, because in this season there is very moisture in the environment.

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