Causes of Heartburn

Heart Burn or burning heart, it is pain and prick which occurs in the heart, in which symptoms of pain including sourness, nausea, stomach aches,acidity and heavyness are also seen. Although many people also understand it as a heart attack, but it is not a heart attack, but is a sign of heart burn, which begins with stomach and has nothing to do with its heart.

Actually when acidity in the stomach starts due to the consumption of our wrong habits and impaired diet, then it grows and grows in the stomach. When it reaches the throat it causes irritation in the surrounding areas along with the throat.

At the same time, when this problem increases, it starts to become constant. If a person is facing this problem regularly, then he should contact the doctor. Because acidity goes beyond the limits, it can also make ulcers (wounds) in different parts of the body, including the stomach.

Some feel like this, burning sensation in the chest-

  • Feeling of burning in the stomach
  • Chest burn/heartburn
  • Feeling of nausea
  • Come in
  • Less interested in eating food
  • Feeling of burning in the stomach

Causes of heart burn-

As we mentioned above, the burning of the chest has nothing to do with the heart. Rather it starts with stomach. The common thing is that poor lifestyle and intake of spicy food under the spicy food. Eating more than hunger, drinking water less, smoking, being fond of eating out and drinking alcohol are the factors that cause acidity. The same acceleration increases when the heart reaches the heart, then it creates the problem of heartburn, that is to chew irritation.

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