Causes of unwanted abortion

In some women, the pregnancy does not stop, and their abortion is done. But some women have to decide to abort a pregnancy in a pre-planned way, for some medical reasons or for a number of other reasons, such methods of miscarriage are called induced abortion. Although deciding to have an abortion for every woman, it is very painful, but for some reason, they have to make an abortion.

Some situations in which the doctor advocates abortion –

  • If contraceptive measures fail – many women use contraception measures to avoid getting pregnant. Despite this many women become pregnant. Because of which, to get rid of the unwanted pregnancy, they have to undergo miscarriage.
  • Occasionally, the woman has to be aborted because she has no one to take care of her or the woman already has a very small child.
  • Parents do not want a child.
  • If there is any birth defect in the womb or a serious medical problem, abortion can be done even if the baby is pregnant. But often this kind of problem occurs in the second trimester of pregnancy and at the moment abortion is considered circ-MDI liable.
  • If a woman has conceived due to rape, then even abortion can be done in this condition.
  • If a woman has a physical or mental problem due to pregnancy, then she may be aborted.
  • Often abortion is done in the first trimester of pregnancy (before 12 weeks). An abortion is safe before 9 weeks of pregnancy. But in very emergency, some women can be abortion even after 16 weeks.

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