Challenges associated with weight loss for older people

The challenges of weight loss in older people with obesity are different from the rest of the age group. Decreasing weight can be detrimental to their health. But with the advice of doctors and dieticians, weight can be reduced in a healthy manner. Often, after working whole life, people want to reward themselves in old age, and in this order, the people, in the age of their age, contribute to the wrong eating habits. The simple availability of many tools of comfortable life also increases the speed of obesity.

Challenges in weight loss: –

  • Decreased bone density
  • Regular medicines or therapies taken for any disorder.
  • Increasing the proportion of body fat in the growing age.
  • Do not work in traditional ways of losing weight of other age groups in old age.
  • The incident of mental will power.
  • Less physical activity.

Although weight loss is the most natural remedy for obesity, the body changes in old age. Lack of weight decreases strength and muscles. With older muscles already in older persons, they affect the internal system of the body and the bone density of their bones. According to experts, it is necessary to reduce weight in caution and doctor’s direction in old age. Obesity increases due to decreasing activity in older people, low form of essential hormones and testosterone, low nutrition, medication effect, hypothyroid, and low metabolic rate. Also, increasing the proportion of fat compared to the muscles in the growing age. In a 20-year-old male with an average of 12 to 17 percent fat, it is 25 to 32 percent in men over 75 years of age. If this fat is increased rapidly than a large proportion of the older body can be reduced. Apart from an emergency, such a short time should be avoided.

In this age, people get regular medicines and fixed diets for some or other disorders. In such a way, consoling that medication, diet with a troubled weight loss program. For example, if an older person takes medicines for hypertension, then he will have to change the dosage of his / her medicines when he reduces weight. It is not advisable to go to the gym at this age. To increase daily activity, light exercises (which increase muscle ratios), should be walking regularly. Increasing activation of their metabolism and masalas will be better and for them, the work will be easy for them, for which they had to struggle first.

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