Clinical significance of prothrombin time and INR test

Prothrombin Time (PT) is a type of blood test. From which it is determined how long it takes to freeze blood. Prothrombin time test is used to detect problems like bleeding. The use of PT is also used to check whether the medicines used for the prevention of blood clotting or clotting are working or not.

The PT test is also called INR check. In a way, the International Normative Ratio (INR) is a symbol of standardization of the results of prothrombin time test, regardless of its testing system. That is why a doctor can easily understand the results, even if the results have not been received by different labs (labs) or different testing systems. In some labs, only INR is checked, not PT.

These factors, called blood clots, are needed only to make a blood clot. Prothrombin or Factor – II are the only factors that make the blood clotting or clotting, which are manufactured by the liver. Vitamin-K is needed to form prothrombin and other similar clotting factors. Prothrombin time is an important test because this test is done to find out if there are various factors that factor in blood (factor I, II, V, VII and X) or not.

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