common problems after hair transplant

Normally, doctors consider hair transplant to be a very safe procedure, but if the process is not fully successful then there may be some side-effects. Hair transplant is a normal procedure for hair treatment to avoid hair loss.

After the hair transplant, the following problems can be found:

  • Hair follicles of hair die and if this happens, then the hair will never grow in that place.
  • The appearance of the planted hair and the appearance of the unnatural
  • Infection
  • Itching
  • To mark
  • Mild pain
  • Haemorrhagia
  • Surgery costs can be very expensive
  • Occasionally its results can not be seen together or within the prescribed limit and you may have to undergo surgery again and again.
  • Many times there is also a problem for a patient becoming a cyst. Although this is not a serious problem and cures after treatment, but it can lead to discomfort and discomfort to the patient.

Such possibilities are more with people who do not have surgery from some well-known doctors to save a little money. Experienced, and doing this kind of surgery is safe and successful only from doctors working in this area for a long time.

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