Cuases of abdominal adhesions

Usually the deaf layer of the internal organs of each individual is smooth and slippery. Because of this, when there is any activity in the body of the person, the internal organs themselves are changing the place according to their convenience, but when for some reason this lubricity of the outer skin of the intestines or other internal organs decreases The development of tissues such as rhesus occurs in or between those organs. It starts to adorn the eyes. A group of tissues such as these rays that grow between the organs or tissues are called adhesion. There are many reasons for having abdominal addictions.

Reasons for Abdominal Adhesion

Abdominal surgery (abdominal operation) is the cause of the most prominent of the abdominal adhesion. If the lower part of the abdominal abdomen, such as pelvic, intestinal or genital problems (gynecology) then becomes more threatening than abdominal addiction. As soon as the addictions become older, they become more large, tight (narrow), increasing complexity.

Due to Abdominal Adhesion after Operation-

  • Tissue surgeries, especially the tissues of internal organs, can be due to surgery.
  • There may also be abdominal addictions due to surgery to organize internal organs.
  • Due to internal organs and tissue drying surgery may also be the cause.
  • Internal parts of internal organs such as ruin or bandage padding, surgical gloves or stitches etc. may be subject to interaction with the internal organs.
  • Blood or blood clot which is left to clean after surgery may also cause abdominal adhesion.
Additionally abdominal second surgery is due to inflammation of the inner parts of the stomach, which is inflammation of the radiation treatment may have additional other reasons for surgery such as appendix or swelling due to appendix breakdown, cancer treatment , also from inflammation associated with infection or inflammation of the stomach associated with infection of the uterus or other private parts of women abdominal Adhesion C can be.

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