Diagnosis of peptic ulcer

Peptic ulcer, in which the walls of the stomach or intestine become blisters and bruises, one of the reasons is bacteria. When the patient goes to the doctor for troubles from peptic ulcer, he first examines Helicobacter pylori bacteria. For this, the doctor examines the patient’s blood, breath, and stool. Apart from this, the doctor also does his biopsy by taking a tissue sample from the patient’s digestive tract.

After checking the bacteria, doctors do endoscopy of the patient. Endoscopy is a process wherein the internal parts of the body are seen with the help of an endoscope. The endoscope is a thin, flexible tube with the camera on one end. With the help of which the pictures of the inner parts of the body are seen on the computer screen. In the case of peptic ulcer, it is inserted inside the body through the mouth or through anus. It is used only without the unconscious of the patient.

With the help of endoscopy, the following things are checked-

  • Look into the stomach and small intestine to examine the ulcer.
  • Take a little tissue sample from the digestive system and do her biopsy and see if the cause of the ulcer is bacterial or the symptoms are seen in the patient due to cancer.

If a person is more than 55, then his endoscopy must be done. Because there is a risk of stomach cancer at this age. If any one has the following symptoms then it becomes necessary to check-
  • The first signs of ulcer are seen first.
  • After the treatment has occurred or after the completion, once again the signs of ulcer have been observed.
  • The family has a history of colon cancer.
  • Some other serious symptoms point to colon cancer. Contains-
  • Blood in the stools
  • Less than 10% of total body weight in the patient.
  • Anemic. .
  • Having trouble swallowing anything.
  • jaundice
  • Becoming a bunch of cells in the stomach.
Other investigations to identify peptic ulcer –
Fake octal blood test (FOBT) – By this test, blood is checked in the stool, because it is pointing to peptic ulcer and other serious problems like stomach cancer. Peptic ulcer can not be confirmed only from FOBT, but if the internal bleeding has occurred due to ulcer, then FOBT gets its information.
Full blood count (CBC) – If the internal bleeding has occurred due to ulcer and the patient has anemia, then its blood is checked.
Upper GI series – In this test, esophagus and stomach X-ray are done. But this test is rarely used.

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