Do not use weight loss drugs without any prescription

In the days of TV, radio newspapers, new products are being launched to be slim. In this case, those who want to be slim start thinking about their use without having to flush their side effects on their health. In such a way, they should understand that in this way, do not make any decisions for your health without thinking in this way.

If you are thinking of consuming these medicines, then consult your doctor once for sure. Because it is not necessary that the product you are using to lose weight is correct according to your health. Anorexia suffers from nervosa or consumes some athletes, laxative drugs, and diet pill, which affect body fat. However, regular effects of laxative medicines in the body, the level of potassium falls and its effect also affects the muscles and the heart.

Pramlintide (Similin): An amin heart on is a synthetic alternative. This hormone supplement in the digestive system is usually made in pancreatitis after diet. Reduces feeling of abdominal vacillation. Many people suffering from diabetes lack the Hamelin. Simulink is only valid for taking only type 1 and type 2 diabetes patients with insulin. It has not yet been confirmed to be effective on other people and searches are going on.

Pyrowet: A popular substance that can restrict weight to some extent with low side effects. It is found in apples, cheese, and red wine. By the way, it still requires further research on its certification in weight loss.

Topiramate / Pentramine: These 2 medicines are made as a combination of exercise and diet. However, intensive guidance is required in this consumption. Its negative impact falls on arteries, mental health.

Other medicines:

In addition to these drugs, the risk is high with other medicines. Physical disorders and complications like loss of heart valves, lung disorders, damage to arteries etc. Many of these substances are related to harmful amphetamine.

Conjugated linoleic acid: This is a separate recipe from traditional drugs, which claims weight loss. However, its authenticity has not yet been fully proven.

ECA Stack: This is used in less time for weight loss and better results in sports. The ECA stack can not be used as a long-term solution. By doing this, it damages the dignity of the person’s brain, and the brain and the nervous system.

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