Early Symptoms of hiv

HIV is known as the Human Immune Disease Virus. It is an infectious disease, which affects the patient’s immune system (immune system) and makes it weak. Before somebody comes under the influence of this disease, it should be aware of some of the early symptoms, so that in the beginning it can be stopped and preventing it from growing rapidly.

Here are some of the earliest signs of HIV infection:

  • If we make a person lose weight, or a sudden feel the change in weight or if there were any person that his weight has been reduced much faster than normal, so go be careful. It can be a symptom of HIV. Weight loss is also seen as Advance Illness. This means that the immune system has reached a bad state.
  • If one persistently coughs, it can also be a symptom of HIV. Therefore, if a person feels that the situation is getting worse over time, then contact the doctor.
  • Changes in nails, changes in nails are also visible when infected with HIV. Nails either break or their color changes.
  • If a person feels very tired, most of the time in the day is dull, so be careful because it may be a symptom of HIV. In the early stages of HIV infection and in later times also the symptoms of exhaustion are found.
  • If a person has severe pain in muscles or joints, then you must make HIV test necessary. This can be due to HIV.
  • Headache, if a person has frequent headache, then he must also get HIV test. This is the starting symptom of HIV and it is called ARS.
  • Focus on your skin – If someone is seen with a red chakra on their skin and it is not being itchy then it can be a symptom of HIV.

Apart from all these, diarrhea, sore throat, fever, nausea and vomiting can also be the initial symptoms of HIV. Therefore, if any person has these symptoms, then immediately consult the doctor and check them out. Treating it as early as possible can prevent opportunistic infections from occurring.

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