Emergency treatment for alcohol poisoning

Alcohol poisoning is a deadly condition. Whether it is due to excessive drinking (ethanol) or due to drinking other forms of alcohol. The second form of alcohol isooprophic alcohol (called rubbing alcohol, it is found in some lotions and some cleaning work), methanol and ethylene glycol (antifreeze solution). Alcohol poisoning: Any other item used in the home or in fatty, etc., where alcohol is found may be caused by deception or deliberate drinking.

In the case of alcohol poisoning ie alcohol poisoning, if a person gets the right treatment at the right time then death can occur. Therefore, if there is a doubt at home, in the neighborhood or at the work place that someone has become a victim of alcohol poisoning, without taking the time it should be taken for medical treatment.

Alcohol poisoning emergency medical-

If a person has confusion, hallucination, vomiting, resentment, decrease of heart rate, slowing down in breathing, breathing in between, noise stopped, skin becoming blue or yellow, decreasing body temperature and If signs of unconsciousness are seen, these symptoms may be due to alcohol poisoning.

In such a situation, do the following:

  • Take him immediately to the nearest emergency medical unit. Do not wait for consciousness if you are unconscious, if you are conscious then do not think that sleep will recover, sleep may occur during sleep.
  • If a person is not conscious and you know the type of alcohol or any other substance that the person has taken, how much quantity and when, then tell this to the doctor.
  • If such a person is unconscious, do not leave him alone because the effect of alcohol poisoning reduces breath, heart rate and blood pressure, so keep it awake as far as possible, sometimes in the situation of alcohol poisoning, the person’s vomiting By reaching his breathing hose or lungs, he jams them. Therefore, force the person to the stomach so that the vomiting can be prevented from going into the breathing tube.
  • Do not try to vomit the unconscious until you reach the doctor, because it increases the fear of getting respiratory tract jam.
  • If the person is conscious then try to sit in vomit or bow down to the head.

In the case of alcohol poisoning, it may be difficult to hide the facts due to the person’s social limitations, fear or pressure of an elderly person in the family, so letting the doctor know all the facts in view of the safety of the person’s life. needed.

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