Exercise caution in diabetes

All of us know that exercise is very beneficial for our health, including whole heart. We also know that it works very well in patients with diabetes. But perhaps you will not know how it works on diabetes.Actually, exercise encourages insulin to work better by reducing blood sugar in our body. Patients with diabetes who regularly exercise, they require less medicines, insulin and other therapies than others. Apart from this it also controls the level of our A1C,Which shows the level of diabetes our last three months. Apart from this, regular exercise also protects you from cardiovascular diseases. Even if it starts with a good diet, it is extremely beneficial for weight loss as well as for the whole body.

How to make a better start?

1. First visit to the doctor.

Diabetes patients need to consult a doctor before starting the exercise. Because there may be some exercises for which you do not allow your health. As if diabetes has destroyed the blood vessels of your eyes, or if you have cataracts, then you can not carry heavy things. In addition, if you have nerve damage in your feet, then you have to go through such exercises which will help you with your feet Affected. That’s why you have to meet your doctor before planning your exercise and it can give you a list of your exercise and sports.

2. Favorite Games

After consultation with the doctor, he can also advise you to walk, jogging, cycling and doing cardio besides these. Apart from this, you can also play outdoor games with children. Doing this will not only keep your weight under control but also have a positive effect on your heart pumping and blood sugar. Your goal should be to exercise at least 150 minutes each week, at least.

3. Add weight lifting too slowly

Once you start exercising once. After this, you can also start getting resistance bands and light weight.Apart from this, exercises associated with different muscles will also boost your metabolism. By which you will be able to burn as much calories as possible. After the exercise, you keep burning calories faster in both day and night.

4. Keep your medicines and even blood sugar

During exercise, talk to your doctor about medicines you are taking. Because when you are exercising, some medicines are such that can reduce your blood sugar levels even further. From which you can have dizziness, weakness and unconsciousness. Also check your blood sugar level before exercise, and if it is less than 100 then take a few snacks. In addition, keep juices and glucose tablets together. If your glucose level is decreasing then you take them. At the same time if you are taking medicines and insulin, ask your doctor to arrange them on the day of exercise.

5. stay safe

Before starting exercise, heat the body. Drink plenty of water before and after this. This will not reduce the water in your body. You may have some body pain during exercise.It may be that breathing difficulties occur. Although this does not happen, but if you start getting some pain during exercise, or if you have enough trouble in breathing, or you start getting dizzy, then stop exercising and meet the doctor.

6. Keep special care of feet

When you have diabetes, you have to take care of your feet too. After exercising and first check your feet. Somewhere there is no blot or irritation. Keeping moisture in the feet or wearing jelly shoes can protect your feet.

7. Helping From Others

If you are starting exercising right now, and you do not know about it, then get help from a trainer. The person who has a good experience of exercise can help you with special diabetes for your diabetes. A professional can give you all the information about the exercise, from the beginning, to the detail.

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