First and the second week of pregnancy

First and the second week of pregnancy

Every woman, her health, thinking, understanding, and tolerance are different. When 10 different women are pregnant together, it is not necessary that all have to undergo similar problems or that everyone have the same experience. Where some women do not experience this for about one month after the pregnancy starts (until the periods do not arrive), it can also happen that a woman has experience in the first week.

The information about any woman’s pregnancy is not known until her periods are missed. For those women who become pregnant immediately after the end of the period, it is difficult to recognize a pregnancy, because, in the absence of other periods, there are many days of children. In this case, he knows about his pregnancy only after the next period has disappeared. At the same time, women who are pregnant sometime before the date of prematureness can apply estimation in the 1st or 2nd week, because their periods are missed.

First two weeks

With the onset of pregnancy, a lot of changes start happening in the woman’s body. These changes can be noticed if the woman looks very closely, but it is very difficult to recognize women in particular, whether in the first or second week, especially women who have not been planning a pregnancy. In the first and second weeks, pregnancy can be known only through medical tests. However, after the pregnancy of any woman, there are some symptoms, which are seen, if a woman looks at these changes on her own then she can detect her pregnancy.

Both weeks of incubation, women see some such symptoms-

To be more sensitive (sensitive) – women become very sensitive during this period.
Gee dizziness and vomiting – it is very common for a woman to have a restless and vomiting as the start of pregnancy. But vomiting and nausea can happen to anyone and at any time. Vomiting and nausea in pregnancy can be separated from this thing that the woman becomes very sensitive to everything that makes any kind of aroma, and if she does not like her fragrance her nausea and The problem of vomiting reaches its peak. Those things, before which it did not have much trouble, could lead to sudden jaundice and vomiting.
Mood swings – In pregnancy, when the changes in the body of the woman inwardly begin to change, they definitely feel them in some form. In such a situation, he could not even understand why this is happening, and the problem is not so much that he should go to the doctor, in such a situation he starts becoming a resignation. This Boccherini also influences his mind and nature.

Being a gas-gas is a very common problem, but in pregnancy, it becomes a little routine. In ordinary days, if you have taken the correct amount of food and proper diet and have not done any such mistake that makes gas, you avoid the problem of gas, but the problem of pregnancy increases slightly in pregnancy and you also cause unprotected gas Can complain of becoming The reason for this is that a hormone is progesterone which starts forming pregnancy in the woman’s body.

Constipation- Any constipation can be constipated, in this case, it seems to be a bit ominous to recognize it as a symptom of pregnancy. But women, who usually do not have this problem, may have a problem in pregnancy. The reason for this is that the same hormone is progesterone, which fosters this problem. Progesterone hormone slows down the contraction of all the muscles of the woman’s body (also of the stomach), and this also slows down the process of eating in the stomach. Due to this, women have problems like gas, indigestion, and constipation.

Pain in Breast – Feeling like pain and swelling in women, it is the most common symptom of pregnancy. In most of the days, most women do not have to face this kind of problem, but if a woman’s periods have disappeared and she is having this problem, then the probability of her pregnancy is very high.

Fatigue – At the beginning of pregnancy, the woman begins to become fatigued. In fact, the reason for this happening in your womb is embryos. In the meantime, your body focuses on your embryo and takes care of it. Now your body needs to make more blood, this blood transports the baby to nutrients. Due to this, the work of internal parts of your body increases and you feel tired. Another reason for this is the progesterone hormone, because of its increase in the body, the woman gets more sleep.

Changes in appetite – During this, the appetite for women increases and it is more likely to eat spicier than before.

Urine goes more than before – during this time, more women start to go to the bathroom than before.

Feeling sick like this – in the meantime, women begin to feel very different and slightly ill. Even he himself does not understand why this is happening to him.

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