Girls are more affected than boys by social media, a study revealed

Using social media is playing a limited role in reducing life satisfaction among adolescents and its impact is more on girls than boys. This has been revealed in a study published in the journal Proceeding of the National Academy of Sciences. This study was done on 12 thousand British teenagers. According to the study, lack of satisfaction in life leads to the use of social media But its effect is more consistent for women than men. The study said that these trends are trivial.

Professor Andrew Przybylski of Oxford University, UK-based, said, “In recent years, the rapid pace of technology development has raised the question that the way we use technology to interact with each other affects our welfare. That is, that has become very fast important.

Studies published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences magazine have shown that there is not only one aspect of social media, it also has mutual and contingency effects on its gender.

In order to understand that in the normal days of school, there was so much satisfaction in the lives of adolescents using social media and in their life, researchers surveyed some UK homes for eight years.

Researchers not only aimed to assess the lack of satisfaction of life in adolescents but also tried to find out the truth about the effects of this, not only through the use of social media during the study.

Researchers selected ‘UK House Panel Study’ for their analysis because it provides the highest quality downward data available.

Oxford University Professor Amy Orben said, “Our study is a very promising step in the field of strong science in this field, whereas this is only the first step. To understand how social media is affecting the use of different types of social media, we need data from the industry.

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