Hair loss,Baldness and its symptoms

Genetic pattern baldness (heridarium pattern baldness) is the most common cause of hair loss. It is not a disease, but it is a natural situation, in which some hair loss starts as well as some genetic factors and aging. This is due to the hormone that comes from the parents of the person. With aging, hair loss and dehydration is very common. At the same time, for genetic reasons, this process is slightly faster than other people.

The researchers have found that the main cause of hair loss is a hormone (testosterone). However, changes in the health of her hair are also changing throughout the life of the person. But if the hair follicles fail to come back after hair fall i.e. the hair follicles of the hair become inactive, then the person becomes a victim of baldness.

Symptoms of baldness
The herdidity pattern baldness begins with the hair becoming light. After this, the hair starts to slow down gradually. More hair than before, the person can see his clothes, pillows and surroundings. In one day, falling 100 hair is common.If there is more hair fall than this, then there may be other reasons for which the person knows. For example, after delivery in women. Or due to the use of any product, or water damage But if there is no reason for such reasons then it can happen for any other serious reason. In men, it can also be the beginning of baldness.

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