Hepatittis C tests and exams

Often people with hepatitis C do not notice certain symptoms, initially. Symptoms of this disease appear mostly after about 15 days of infection. However, sometimes it happens that, when a person goes to check for any other disease, then he gets the information about the disease during the examination. After this general examination, the doctor advises you to carry out the tests of enzymes found in your blood such as Alanine aminotransferase (ALT), alkaline phosphatase, aspartate aminotransferase (AST) and bilirubin tests through your other investigations.

For Hepatitis information, there are following tests, which are done: –

Antibody check

If your doctor is susceptible to hepatitis C, depending on symptoms you may be seeing, then he will first advise you to check for Hepatitis C antibody. To perform this test, a sample of blood and blood is taken. Because when the virus of Hepatitis C enters our body, then our body’s immune system makes this type of antibody to destroy viruses. So if you have had Hepatitis C virus infection, then you will definitely have antibodies against them. For checking these antibodies, Rapid Tests like OraQuick, TriDot, SDBiolin, and SD Bioline are used. The results of these checks are found on the same day. If the above antibodies are found in your body in the investigation, then it means that you are a victim of hepatitis C.

However sometimes the results of the investigation may be wrong. It may also be that you do not have Hepatitis C infection, but still the results will be positive during the examination. But one of the reasons may be that you have been infected with Hepatitis C before, but now you are healthy.

PCR check

If the antibodies are found in your body during testing, then after this, to further strengthen this information, the doctor may also advise you to do a PCR test. During this test, in the body, the genetic material (RNA) of the virus is checked.

If the results of this test are negative, and the results of the antibodies test come in positive, then it may also mean that you have had Hepatitis C before, but if the results of both the tests are positive then it means that you have Hepatitis C has been done, and after this the doctor starts treatment for you.

Check some other

If your antibodies test is positive during testing and the PCR check is negative, then doctors can also do some other blood test to confirm your illness. One of these, lever biopsy check. In this investigation, the doctor puts a needle inside the liver for your skin. And then with the help of needle, take out a small piece of tissue from that place. Depending on the results of the investigation, your treatment depends only on the basis of positive and negative.

At the same time, if the doctor thinks that your liver has been affected, then he may suggest a check for detection, fibrosauria blood test, and ultrasound. Depending on your situation, your doctor determines which tests will be better for you.

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