Home Pregnancy test accuracy

The exact result of pregnancy test is found by any woman after one week after her menstrual stay. Along with this, the chances of accurate results increase even further when you do pregnancy tests in the morning. Because urine is very concentrated at that time. Approximately 99 percent of the home pregnancy tests are correct.

The pregnancy test done at home depends on the following:

  • How closely you follow the instructions.
  • When you ovulate during your cycle and how soon to implant the egg.
  • How quickly do you test after pregnancy?
  • What is the sensitivity of pregnancy test?

How difficult it is to test pregnancy at home

You can also purchase kits for a pregnancy test at home without the doctor’s advice. However, the cost of the pregnancy test kit depends on its brand. But most test kits are of low cost.

Pregnancy testing in the home can be used quickly and easily. If you follow the instructions given in it carefully then it proves to be very successful. All tests are done just like the usual test. You can test your urine in these ways-

  • Hold the test stick in your urine.
  • Gather your urine in a cup and insert the test stick into it.
  • Gather your urine in a cup, and use a dropper to place the urine in the container.

With all these techniques, shortly after you can see an exact result. You can see these results as a line, such as “+” or “-“. On the other hand, through the digital test, the progressive and the note shows the Purgent.
If anybody has any doubts about the outcome of the pregnancy test, contact your doctor immediately.            


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