Home remedies for appetite loss to prevent obesity

Regular food is important for every person, but some people in addition to nourishing them with excessive eating habits also spoil their health. An irregular routine and diet gradually become disturbed by disorders and diseases associated with the wrong lifestyle. If your appetite is higher than your daily routine or you do not have control over yourself, then you can follow these things to reduce your appetite for this irregular hunger.

Grind cardamom powder – grind small cardamom and grind them to powder. Take a pinch of this powder 2 to 4 times a day. This remedy also improves your digestion with reducing your appetite.

Asafetida and fennel- Use asafetida in the food and fennel after eating. By doing this, your digestion will improve with control over hunger.

Water- Keep drinking water at regular intervals. How much water you take on a daily basis by going through food journal or record. Try adding 1 to 2 liters of that quantity throughout the day.

Bajra- Bread bread or khichdi gives proper nourishment to the body. It consumes hunger in control by consuming it. Must be sure to include millet in your diet.

Breakfast – There is a gap of 10 to 14 hours between dinner and morning breakfast. For this reason, breakfast should definitely be done. Otherwise, hunger is going on in less than a day’s time and you will eat more than needed in the afternoon. There should be a gap of two to three hours between the night diet and sleeping.

Fruits and vegetables- Fresh fruits and vegetables have plenty of vitamins and fiber. While calories are much less compared to other recipes. Instead of eating any junk-food or snack, you should eat fruits or vegetable soup instead of hungry again.

Less serving – 4-5 times having smaller servings, less time between two diets is reduced. With this, there is satisfaction throughout the day without eating more. Keep in mind that this diet should be made in the house, the quantity of sugar should also be very low in such food. In a small amount, the outside junk-food gives as many calories as a meal.

Dark chocolate- Cocoa has stearic acid which slows down digestion. Which seems to be full of stomach. By taking dark chocolate with coffee, the effect of this mixture increases.

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