Home remedies for heartburn or acid reflux

If there is irritation in the chest or heartburn, then there is no work done by the person. It is difficult for such a person to eat, drink, sleep, rise and sit anything during heartburn or acidity. While the people that are aware jealous their heart burn or chest caused by gas like acidity, he can also resubmitted it lightly, and who does not know she panics understand it a heart attack. In this case, it identified on the basis of symptoms of heartburn or acidity symptoms, have anything at home easy ways to be able to immediately get rid of this irritation or heart burn and acidity.

But in order to get rid of it forever, you have to improve your diet. If you do not do this, then after some time you may have to go to the doctor due to a serious problem and get expensive treatment too.

Below are some home remedies that can give you instant relief in burning irritation:


  • Green tea works well for abdominal bacon, pain burns and gas. Immediately after your intake you will feel relieved in the stomach. It can be any of the green tea, lemon, basil or mint.
  • Curd is very helpful in digestion of stomach. If you make its lassi then it will be even better.
  • Papaya, which contains enzyme called Papine, is a very good remedy for digestion. If possible, take papaya intake daily.
  • Miteshi, also consumed, is beneficial in heart burn. Used as a natural medicine. It prevents the formation of gastric acid by absorbing cholesterol.
  • Aloe Vera’s juice kills gastric acid bacteria. It contains vitamin A, B1, B2, B3, C and E which is a natural antigen and it removes heartburn.
  • Make fine powder by taking black salt, roasted cumin and asafoetida in equal quantity, and consume it with lukewarm water. This will give immediate relief in digestion, pain gas and heart burn.

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