Home Remedies for leg cramps

The sprain can come to anyone and at any time. It can be in any part of the body. But most likely the chance of sprain is in the feet. Sprain in the legs comes due to sudden turn. Indeed, sprain is such a situation in which there is a pull between the tissues connecting the bones of the body (where the sprain has occurred). This stretch is called sprain or spray. If someone gets sprained, symptoms like swelling, redness and sharp pain are seen in the sprained area.

This is a very common problem and will not go to the doctor for this. The sprain cures itself in 3-4 days. But as long as this problem is troublesome, it is very troublesome. Therefore, some tangible remedies can be done to relieve the pain of the tissues as long as there is no stretch in the tissues.

One very effective way to get relief from sprain is to make a roti and apply mustard oil and turmeric on it and fold it on the leg. This will give you quick relief in sprain.

Some other home remedies like getting relief from sprain in the leg-

  • Heat coating of turmeric lime (limestone) – Heating on turmeric and lime to the affected place will give relief immediately in pain and the blood clotting (blood clotting) will also end with this mixture. Not only this, this mixture is also beneficial in any type of internal injury (which does not contain bleeding).
  • Turmeric coating – If you have got wounds in the leg along with sprain, then heat only turmeric and apply it thicker. Turmeric is a natural anti-septic, so it will help you recover your wounds quickly and will also get relief in pain and swelling.
  • Lime and honey coating – If you get honey and lime immediately after the sprain or injury, the damaged tissues of the affected area are immediately benefited and protects the knot or the place from being harsh. It is also very easy to use. In a vessel, soak honey and half its amount in such quantity that it can be spread over the affected area, and apply its thick coat.As soon as you mix the lime well in the honey, the mixture will become hot and immediately apply it. In 15-20 minutes you will get relief from pain. After using it for two to three days, the sprain will cure.
  • Salt of mustard oil and mustard oil – After the strain on the feet, take a thin grinded rock salt or ordinary salt in mustard oil and massage them with warm hands and bind them with warm cloth and sleep them. By doing this for two to three days the sprain will be cured.
  • The leaves, casterd, dhatura, rosa or cardamom leaves – take leaf of any of these plants, add mustard oil to it and heat it on the sprain or injury, it will get relief very soon. Do this for two to three days.
  • Basil leaf juice and mustard oil coating – Basil leaves of Basil, heat the mustard oil and put it in a spicy place is rested. After doing some such days the sprain will be completely cured.
  • Using alum- Grind alum well and add half teaspoon powder in hot milk and drinking does not endanger the formation of knot and the sprain or injury is cured quickly.
  • Use of Aloe vera gel – Applying aloe vera gel on the sprained area gets plenty of relief. Use it for a few days continuously.
  • Raise a little height of the foot – put pillow etc. under the foot so that the feet are slightly elevated, it will accelerate blood circulation. This will reduce the inflammation of the feet and reduce the pain.
  • Relax – If you have a sprain or injury in the foot, you will have to reduce the shaking of the foot. This will give comfort to the tissues of the tissue and also reduce the stress in the muscles.

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