Home remedies for peptic ulcer

Having peptic ulcer causes the patient’s gastric or intestinal wounds. For which the patient needs to take medicines from the doctor. In severe cases, it has to be done till surgery. Along with this, doctors also recommend changing the lifestyle of the patient. For example, to quit smoking, to stop alcohol consumption (at least as long as the patient is under treatment, it is advised not to consume alcohol, but later the patient can consume some amount of alcohol. ) And so on. In addition to all this, patients suffering from peptic ulcer can get rid of the problem of ulcers by some home remedies.

This is home remedies-


Eating bananas when peptic ulcer is very beneficial. Bananas contain antibacterial compounds that prevent the helicobacter pylori from growing. Due to acidity and gas in the stomach, there is relief from eating bananas. The banana strengthens the walls of the stomach. If the patient has ulcers, then he should take 2-3 bananas daily. It can also be made by making milkshakes. If the patient is not eating such a banana, then cut it thin thin slices of banana, dry it in the sun. Now, grind it into a mixer and make powder. Then add 2 spoonful of banana powder and 1 teaspoon of honey daily. Eat it 3 times a day By taking this process for 1 week, ulcers get relief.


Vitamin K, Vitamin C, and Vitamin B6 are found in leaf cabbage. In addition, it is found in manganese, dietary fiber, potassium, vitamin B1, folate and copper. It consumes ulcers from its intake.

The method of using-

Cut off half the cabbage and 2 carrots and grind it into the mix and make the juice. Now drink ½ cup juice before drinking it and daily after sleeping. By doing this for a few days, you will get relief from ulcers. But always eat fresh juices.


Coconut also has antibacterial properties; eating it, the germs that cause barks are destroyed. Cure of coconut milk and coconut water can be cured only by ulcer. If you want, you can also consume some pieces of coconut daily.

Poha and fennel

Grind poha and fennel in equal amounts and grind them. Mix it in water in the morning and then keep drinking this water for a whole day. Doing so will definitely provide relief in ulcer’s problem. But do not use it for more than 24 hours.


Ulcers should eat almonds. For this, give almonds in the water for a while, then grind it, make milk and drink it twice a day, it cures ulcers.

Seam or drum stick

Grind cumin leaves and make paste with yogurt and eat lots of benefits. Make sure to use this paste once a day.


Ulcer patients should drink buttermilk every morning, evening. By doing this the laser gets cured.

If the patient is getting vomiting

If the patient suffering from a wound in the stomach or intestine is vomiting and even if it is not stopped, keeping the cool cloth or clay clay on cold stomach in cold water provides much comfort. If the patient is vomiting blood, then he should lie comfortably with the back and keep small pieces of ice in his mouth. This will give the patient relief for a while.

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