Home Remedies for toothache

Toothache can be caused by any cause, such as infection, cavity, loss of frying, some problems in the jaw, irregular shing etc. Any kind of pain should be aware that it is happening due to which it is necessary. Also, medical treatment is also important. There are also some home remedies which can provide natural relief in tooth pain.

Beneficial home remedies for pain relief in tooth

Lemon-Lemon is a great source of Vitamin C. Due to lemon stroke on the painful part of the tooth, relief comes immediately.

Cloves – If you have pain in the teeth, cloves in the mouth will get relief. Applying clove oil on the painful part during high pains is extremely beneficial. In addition, cloves can be placed on any oil, especially by making paste with olive oil, in a painful place.

Black pepper and called – To ease the sharp pain in the teeth, add one quarter teaspoon of salt to a pinch of black pepper powder and add it to the painful part. You will get instant relief. On the other hand, if you put salt in black pepper instead of tooth, it is even more beneficial.

Garlic and salt- Massage the garlic on a painful tooth by making a paste of salt with a paste of salt. This will relieve both pain and swelling.

Onion – On the pain in the tooth, chew the onion piece gradually, it will relieve the pain, swelling and infections three.

Potato- If there is inflammation in the teeth with pain, then after peeling the potatoes, keep the slices on that part for 15 minutes, they will get relief immediately.

Tea bags – Keep tea bags in hot water and bake the painful part of it, relax in the pain of the teeth.

Sweat the snow-tooth part by ice for 15 to 20 minutes. By biting the teeth many times a day, you will get rid of pain.

Dip Brandy-Rui into brandy and place it in a painful place in the teeth. This also removes the toothache.

Saraso oil- Three to four drops of sandose oil, add a pinch of salt and massage on the teeth and gums. This not only provides relief in pain in the teeth but also the gums are strong.

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