how much safe is hair transplant?

Hair transplantation is the process in which the hair follicles in the passive follicles (folicus) of the person’s head are transmitted and activated again. These hair is taken from any part of the body of the person itself, and they are implanted in empty spaces.Because it is a surgical procedure, therefore the use of this method to treat baldness can be very important for any person and full of doubts. Hair transplant is becoming more common in India too. The whole team of many experienced doctors work together this process.

People who are thinking of transferring hair to treatment of baldness, have doubts in the mind that this process is safe or not. In this way, experienced doctors believe that this process is absolutely safe and that the person can again get back the natural child. Provided the hair transplant was done only by an experienced doctor.

How Are Hair Transplant Surgery?

This surgery is done by a team of experienced doctors. First of all, the doctor cleans the skin, and after that, the skin of the place is given medicines through the injection. After this the doctors do hair transplants in two processes (Unit Strip Surgery (FUSS) and Folicular Extraction (FUE).

Unit Strip Surgery – In this process, doctors take a thin strip (strip) of 6 to 10 inches from the back of the head. After this, this place is covered with hair. With this thin strips, the surgeon removes hair along with the folic, and then plants it in the part of the head, where there is no hair. These are called grafts.

Folicular Unit Extraction – In this surgery, first of all, the surgeons get out of the head from the back of the head with the Folicular Unit Extraction machine, one by one, with hair follicles (follicles of hair follicles). These hair follicles are planted in the empty part of the head.

Hair transplant takes four to six hours. This surgery is done by giving anesthesia to the skin of your head and during this time you do not feel anything.

Doctors who have undergone such surgery believe that having some common problems like hair transplant surgery, such as swelling, burning or itching is very common, and these problems are well-cured over time. Also experienced doctors working on hair transplants for a number of years believe that these procedures are safe and harmless.

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