how to check pregnancy with toothpaste

The feeling of getting pregnant is unprecedented for every woman. The slightest frustration of getting pregnant forces the woman to know whether she is really going to become a mother. If you even feel that you are pregnant then what is the reason that you can easily test the pregnancy while sitting at home. Yes, he is also using toothpaste. Today we will tell you to do a pregnancy test with your toothpaste sitting in the house through our article.

step 1-

To do a pregnancy test through toothpaste, first you take a white toothpaste, the first urine in the morning, and a glass.

Step 2-

  • Sample your first urine in a disposable glass.
  • Now add one spoon toothpaste to that urine.

Toothpaste pregnancy test results
After mixing toothpaste in urine, if there is a blue color change in it, then it is a sign of your pregnancy. Apart from this gathering of foam is also an indication of positive pregnancy. Also, if you do not see any such activity during this process, then it means that you are not pregnant.

How appropriate is the toothpaste pregnancy test?
Now the question arises, how accurate the pregnancy test is through toothpaste. Yes, it is absolutely right that the first urine in the morning helps in detecting symptoms of pregnancy, because at that time HCG occurs at a higher level, which in reality helps in detecting pregnancy symptoms.
In general it is seen that women use pregnancy kits or domestic methods to test pregnancy. However, there is some error in both of them. In such a situation, it is not necessary that it is 100 percent correct.
There is no clear direction about the quantity of urine and toothpaste used during this test.
It is difficult to interpret the result in this test, but after trying 2-3 times you can easily explain it.
There is no set time to get results.

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