how to check twin pregnancy

Twin pregnancy is the situation where more than one infant is in a woman’s womb. Based on the symptoms, twins pregnancy can not be detected, this information is found during pregnancy (ultrasound) during pregnancy. If there is more than one embryo in the womb of a woman, then the embryo development and amniotic fluid (the bag full of grapes and blood filled with blood) are constantly monitored. Regularly doing the ultrasound of the woman, the position of the pregnant women and the condition of the woman is checked.

If once the twins pregnancy occurs in the examination, then the following tests are done just before the delivery:

Checking high blood pressure – During pregnancy, women’s bowel pressure usually increases and women check as often as they go to the doctor, blood pressure is checked. In addition to blood pressure, preclassia is also examined during pregnancy.

Blood tests- Blood tests are done to check iron deficiency (anemia) in the body. During pregnancy, the chances of getting anemia are very high, especially if the woman has a twin pregnancy.

Urine Test – During pregnancy, urine testing is a common practice, because through it it is detected that there is no UTI infections either.

Transvaal Ultrasound- Through this, the length of the cervix is ​​examined. Because if the cervix remains small, then there is also a risk of immature delivery.
Gestational diabetes – In the second or third month of pregnancy, gestational diabetes is examined so that oral glucose can be detected.

Electronic Fetal Heart Monitoring – This test is used during delivery or during delivery so that it can be seen whether the embryo is healthy and in the right condition.

Check for birth defect-

In the twin pregnancy, the risk of genetic disorder and birth defects is high. In this case, birth defects are tested in two ways-

Screening Tests – Through screening tests, a definite birth defect is checked in children. However, it is not necessary that it is not necessary that during the investigation, the reports of birth defects are correct and some other screening tests are also done after the investigation done once, so that the verification can be confirmed. This test is more important when the woman has twins pregnancy.

Chorionic Vilas Sampling (CVS) – By this test, small pieces of placenta are used. In this, these pieces are transported to the uterus through a thin tube from the vaginal gates. It can also be done by stomach needle in the uterus. This test is done between 10 to 12 weeks of pregnancy.

Amniocentesis (Amniocentesis) – In this test, in a small amount, amniotic fluid is transported through the needle into the uterus. This test is done between 15 to 20 th week of pregnancy.
All these tests are done keeping in mind the safety and self-esteem of a woman and her child born in the womb.

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