How to Prevent HIV Virus infection to unborn baby

If an HIV-positive woman becomes pregnant, the chances of her newborn getting infected are also greatly increased. This infection can be caused by pregnancy, childbirth or breastfeeding. If a woman is pregnant, then you can ask your doctor about their options.  However, there is no vaccination or treatment of this disease but there are medicines, which can be given to reduce the chances of getting this virus from mother to child during pregnancy and delivery and breastfeeding. Although these medicines are not 100% effective, but it can prevent the disease from going to the baby to a large extent.

A pregnant woman with HIV should take care of the following points so that this infection does not go into her children –

  • The child can consider adoption.
  • Can talk to the doctor about the surrogate mother.
  • Unwanted pregnancy can be avoided, for which condoms and other contraceptive devices can be used.
  • During pregnancy and childbirth, antiretroviral can take medicines, so that the risk of infant can be reduced. But first consult the doctor about this.
  • If possible, the baby should be born by a C-section. This reduces the child’s contact with the mother’s fluid and also reduces the risk of infection.
  • If other options are available, do not breastfeed the baby

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