How to Remove moles on face at home

It is often seen that the wart emerges above the skin, which can be dark or dark brown in color and do not look good. Actually, wart is the mesenocytes of the skin, which, instead of spreading, begin to grow in the form of flakes and increase the size of the wart. These cells provide natural color to the skin. When the mosses come in contact with the sun, then they become darker. In adolescence and pregnancy, people often have a problem of wart.

  Even people often get rid of wart, they are able to carry out surgical procedures. But there are some such natural remedies, by which these ugly wares can be removed.

Home remedies for wart removal-

  • Take sour apples, leave its juice and apply it at least three times in a warted place. On regular use of this juice, wart flies slowly.
  • Mixing baking soda and castor oil in equal quantity, put them on the wart. By using it gradually the wart ends.
  • Grind a piece of garlic, and keep this grated garlic in a bar, bind it to a warted place. This starts to slow down the wart.
  • Two to three times a day, by applying onion coating on wines, wart starts to finish. Slicing onion by cutting onion is also quite beneficial.
  • Grind aspirin’s pill, mixing water, preparing a paste. Put this paste on the wart and wash after 15 minutes.
  • Banana peels are a cheap and good solution to remove wart. Place the inner layer of the peel on the wart. With this process, it takes a little time to remove wart, but with regular use, the wart will dry up.
  • Keeping a slice of raw potato regularly on the wart till ten minutes gets rid of the masas.
  • There are anti-bacterial properties in honey, by applying some quantity of honey on daily basis, it gets rid of it.
This warped, dark or dark brown color, like swelling on top of the skin, is not harmful anyway, but if it suddenly emerges or starts to grow or it is bleeding or itching, then it also indicates cancer. Maybe, so contact a doctor immediately.
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