Identify the cause of your obesity

Obesity and body weight gain is due to the imbalance between consumption of energy and the use of energy. According to different conditions, people are different because of obesity. There are more than one such factor in many individuals. Consumption of high-fat diet, less exercise and stable lifespan are among major causes of obesity.  People also start eating more because of unbalanced behavior and mental stress, which causes obesity. Even if it is not done properly in the natural physiological function (due to the digestion of food and other hormones imbalances) the body fat gets accumulated. Obesity of childhood and puberty may also be there for adults.
Over-the-counter –The most natural reason for growing weight is to feed more than your limit, as much as you need it. Especially the excessive consumption of fat is the main cause of obesity. When you eat more of the sweet (sugar), fast food, fried dishes and sweets, then you can absorb excessive fat, but do not get it out of energy and result in the same fat in your body. Gathering begins.
Unbalanced behavior and mental stress – the health of the person depends on its mental state. While due to stress, some people start cutting down on eating and drinking, while others start eating more at it. Whose direct effect falls on metabolism. Obesity in irregular behavior, depression and stress also increases.
Due to the lack of exercise and activism – whatever energy we take in the entire day, whatever energy we take, there is some energy in it, but you can not spend as much energy as you can during the day. Especially if you do not have more physical activity in your work or job. Exercise not only cleanses the body by circulating healthy blood, but also reduces obesity by increasing the person’s metabolism.
Genetic – The likelihood of a person being obese increases when a parent or both of them are victims of obesity. Genetics affect the hormones that control obesity. For example, genetically, the parents may lack leptin in their offspring. If the fat stored in the body is high, then leptin transmits signal to the brain that it consumes less food. If leptin can not send messages to the brain or leptin to the body, due to some reason, excess fat fatigue becomes obese.
Physical disorder –Even after other ingredients are normal, some people have some physical disorders such as hypothyroidism, insulin resistance, polycystic ovary syndrome, cushing syndrome obesity.
Obesity in childhood and adolescence- If you were obese in childhood or teenage age, then there is a high likelihood of being obese even when you are adult. According to a study of the Carolina Population Center, about 37 percent of men and 51 percent of women who were obese in their teens, such people were found in an overweight category after being adults.

Hormones Obesitymay increase due to hormonal imbalances in certain events of life such as gestation, menopause, and oral contraceptive medicines in some women. However, now this case is decreasing due to the low dose of estrogen tablets.

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