Importance of Hepatitis B Test

Hepatitis B is a liver-related disease, whose symptoms are not immediately noticed. Therefore, people suffering from this disease often do not even know that they have serious illness like Hepatitis. In this, the patient can find similar symptoms from the other disease, because of this it can not be confirmed on the basis of symptoms alone. So before treatment of hepatitis B, the doctor examines the patient to confirm it.

Why is Hepatitis B checked?

  • The first type of Hepatitis B virus infection has been detected by the patient. It is also detected in the investigation that the infection has just happened or long ago. If the patient has been infected a long time ago, then how much has he affected his liver so that he can be treated properly.
  • For those, in which it is very likely to happen, such as: – Doctor, dentist and nurse.
  • Donate or donating blood in people
  • For the information about the formation of antibodies in the body after HBV stays or dosage.
  • If a person’s liver is not working properly, then it is likely that he was caused by hepatitis. In this case, hepatitis is also checked.
  • During the treatment of chronic hepatitis B, to see the effect of the treatment.


Before this test the patient does not need to make any specific preparation. But if any special preparation is needed, then the patient should inquire with the doctor for this. The more information the patient can get from this form, also by the form that the doctors fill before the check.

Factors Affecting Check

There are many factors that can cause a difference on the level of anti-HBV antibodies. And this can lead to unusual results. Although this disease is detected during the investigation, but sometimes due to some reasons the test may also be affected and it does not bring out the consequences that must happen. If the results of the investigation are not correct based on symptoms then the check can be done again. This can be done by consuming any medicine or any other thing.

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