Important things for prevention of Polio

It is necessary for parents to get proper information to save children from polio and fight it. If they have information about polio prevention, it can be easy to keep your children away from disease like polio.  It is necessary to identify the post polio symptoms and knowing about what is polio.

Polio drops

Doctors also do not recognize it at the beginning. There is no resistance mechanism to avoid polio virus in children. For this reason, it is able to root in the body of the children. That is why the doses of polar vaccine are given under the ‘regular vaccination program’ and ‘pulse polio campaign’ to avoid polio virus and to create resistance against it. All these dosages are very essential for all children under five years of age.

Today, all the hospitals, health centers and home-home doses of polio are given to the children. Children should not be fed to 30 minutes before and after 30 minutes after drinking the dose of polio. Many times the question arises in the minds of people why it is necessary to give the dose of polio frequently?

The answer is that repeated feeding and dosage together increases the flexibility of fighting with this disease in all children of the whole age group of up to five years, and this will help the polio virus to grow in any child’s body. There is no place, which can end the polio.

Apart from this, there are some home remedies which can keep your children away from polio. You are being told below about these:


Polio can be kept away from the garlic in the diet of your children. Those who eat garlic do not have polio ever. When the raw buds of 2 or 4 garlic are polio, eating them with empty stomach water during the morning does not break even the polio disease.

Seeds of kalyanji or nigella

Mix half a cup of honey and one spoonful of kalangi oil in half cup of hot water and give it to the patient suffering from polio. This creates the ability to fight polio naturally in your children.

Ficus religiosa

Gradually grinding 2-2 fresh leaves of Pipal in the disease of Poles, grinding them with soaked leaves, and taking it daily in salt with salt, is often beneficial.

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