Is it safe to use mobile phone during pregnancy

In modern times people have become so much of the phones etc. Even most of his time passes along with the cellphone. But we probably do not know how fatal the cellphone usage can be. Cell phones put very bad side effects on our health, but if it is from pregnant women it can be even more fatal for their health. Pregnant women should stay away from the maximum use of cell phones. Because this habit can affect your child’s health.

Cellphone and female infertility

A few years ago, scientists researched cellophane the effects of human health, and through this research they found that an electromagnetic radiation emanates from the cellphone, which is very dangerous for the human body. At the same time, they also found that such radiation emanates from home appliances like K-TV, Laptops, Microwaves and X-rays, but they are less than cell phones. Now you can estimate how cellphones are dangerous for our health.

   During the studies, it has also been found that such radiation can lead to dangerous problems like cancer, headache and sterility. But in these too, the most scary aspect is that the most impact of electro magnetic radiation is on the reproductive capacity of women and the sad fact is that women do not know these things and if some women also know this, So do not take this thing seriously.

The effect of cellophane on women’s health can be estimated from the fact that this habit can not only prevent women from getting pregnant, but if a woman is pregnant, it can have a very bad effect on her child too. .

The effects of cellophane on women, pregnant women and their child may be low-

  • Radiation of cell phones can reduce the fertility of women and prevent them from conceiving.
  • If a woman is an early pregnant, then its effects on her fetus can be very fatal. This can have a bad effect on the mental development of the child.
  • Radiation of cell phones can be a problem of her child’s congenital hyperactivity.
  • Cellphones make pregnant women sluggish and have a bad effect on the health of the child born to them.
  • Cell phones can also increase the risk of heart disease and stroke in pregnant women.
  • If a pregnant woman already has some obesity, then cellphone can increase your problem further.
  • Cell phones can make pregnancy levels of blood sugar unusable.

Ways to Avoid Cell Phones Radiation-

  • First of all consult your doctor about the equipment you use. So that you will know how it can affect its health. You will also know better about the use of smartphones.
  • When you use a cellphone, then electro magnetic radiation is released in very high dose, so try to use it as a hands-free mode.
  • Use cellphones by putting an airphone, Bluetooth device or speaker.
  • Keep the cellphone at the distance of the hand, if possible, keep it in the pocket.
  • To reduce the risk of Electro Magnetic Radiation, make a distance from the phone, laptop, tablet screen.
  • While sleeping at night, keep the cell phone closed and put it in another place.


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