Kidney stones and its formation

What is the kidney-stone?
Stone is a hard and solid, small stone that is made up of calcium, mineral, salt or other alkaline compounds. This stone (stone) can be of different types, like, small, large, hard and soft. If this worm is small, then it usually goes out of the urethra itself, and it does not even notice any particular problem. But if its size is large, it gets stuck in the ureter and interrupts it. This type of stone, which can be up to 3 millimeters, is characterized by very fatalities.

However, it is not necessary that if someone has a kidney stone, it should be seen in the symptom, because if the size of the stone is small, neither its symptoms are seen nor does it require any special treatment for it. it occurs.

But if the size of the stone is large then its symptoms are seen in this way:

  • Sudden abdominal pain, which goes on growing rather than decreasing, and it moves like waves.
  • Feeling like stomach worsening
  • Vomiting and jam
  • Blood in urine
  • In this, the pain can also be in the waist or the side of the stomach.

Kidney Stone (kidney stone), which is a small crystal (stone), is produced in the kidney, and it rotates in the tube of urine.

If you have a problem like this, and you go to the doctor, your doctor may advise you to do X-ray or ultrasound. In its investigation, the image of your body is seen by radiation through X-ray. In the ultrasound, this image is created by sound waves.

Although most, the stones flutter out through urine (urine), but some stones are extremely painful, and they do not come out of the urine. In such cases, the doctor is taken out by them. If you also see any such problem, then you should not ignore it.

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