Most of people keep patience during weight loss

For those whose weight increases by such a number of regular diet and exercise, it is enough for them to be regular, but those who are more fat than they are, and they feel that they only have weight for exercise and diet If it is becoming difficult to reduce it, then in such a situation, he can also make plans with the doctor.

This will help the doctor not only to follow your plan, but you will also get relief from problems that occur during this time.

According to medical guidelines, in 6 months, 10 percent of body weight should be aimed at reducing weight. At the same time, if a person with excess weight is thinking of losing weight by taking surgery or medicines, then he should make a rule of weight loss physically in the first 6 months.

Low and balanced diet

Increasing physical activity while consuming fewer calories is one of the most effective ways to reduce weight. Changes in smaller parts are better than changing together.

At the same time, sometimes it may be a loss to someone that he does not eat much. So eating more here does not mean that you keep eating something or not all day. Rather, the amount of fat contained in what you eat, it is also important. The question here arises, how much amount of fat you take.

So you can get a list of how many calories you have to take in each day, from a food journal to a list. Instead of paying attention to any particular diet, we should focus on the healthier food. Instead of completely restricting the dishes you like, take them in small amounts. By removing any food component (carbohydrate, fat) from one meal, there is a low-calorie diathesis that contains a whole diet.


Physical activity is helpful in the consumption of calories. Medium to high-level activity is beneficial for health. The easiest way to increase your physical activity is by walking. With the pedometer or step counter, you can count the steps you have taken in a certain time. If you have a sitting job, then you will be surprised that you have limited activity in an average day. Start your daily goal by increasing 2000 steps and gradually try to reach 10000 to 12000.

Regular check up

Know your progress after every 6 months with your doctor. By the time this time, some people begin to lose weight, because their body gets reduced to low calories and their morale increases to reduce weight.

In this situation, your doctor will insist on enhancing your activities in new ways and the dietician will make more changes to your diet.

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