Obesity is the extra fat under the skin

Obesity is the excess fat on the body, which we take as a fat, consumed by our diet daily, but by changing it into energy (energy), we can not spend it by physical actions. This fat keeps growing in the form of a thick layer under our skin. At a time, this layer becomes so thick that the person becomes prey to obesity.

However, many companies continue to claim obesity without any exercise and physical activity. But the truth is that you can gradually reduce the frozen layer below the skin through physical activity and get rid of obesity. That is, there is no shortcut to get rid of obesity.
      Yes, it is definitely certain that some things can make this fat layer soft, so that this layer can easily be reduced during exercise. But this layer can not be removed from any medicine, or oil or other bakery products.

Where, mostly due to obesity, there are bad habits of eating habits. There may also be obesity due to some other causes such as thyroid, diabetes, genetic causes, cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, arthritis, sleep apnea and stroke. At the same time, if a person already has these diseases, and he is a victim of obesity, then these diseases can be even more fatal for them.

Do not you even be a victim of obesity?

To know if you do not have much weight, it is not dangerous for your health, you have to take a measure of your body (body mass index). Physical BMI is done on the basis of measurement, weight and length. If in adults, when BMI falls between 25 to 29.9 during the measurement, in adults it has a direct meaning that the weight of the person is more than a certain limit, and only then, if its BMI greater than 30 , Then that person is kept in the category of obesity.

Individuals are kept in the following three categories on the basis of their BMI-

Category 1- (Excessive Obesity – 30 to 35 bmi)

Category 2- (Mortality Obesity – 35 to 40 BMI)

Category 3- 40 BMI is considered super obecety (emergency fatness) above.

If you also come in any of these three categories and your eating habits and lifestyle are also not healthy, then be alarmed because this situation can be very fatal for you. In this case, you should recognize your situation and start thinking about it.

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