Obesity and its prevention after abortion

Obesity prevention after abortion

Obesity prevention after abortion is one of the risk factor for complication after abortion due to hormonal shift. Some women have to undergo unexpected abortion due to medical reasons or in the emergency. In such a situation, it is very common for women to get stressed or depressed. In this way, many problems arise in front of the woman. She has to deal with problems both mental and physical. In such a situation, physical exhaustion and obesity are also seen. In such a situation, instead of grieving over what happened to women, it should be emphasized to balance their own mental,physical health and Obesity prevention after abortion.

How to handle yourself after abortion?

  • Do not bother yourself by thinking of unbalanced things and fantasies. That baby was with you and so much, the more you think about it, the more difficult it will be to yourself.
  • Do not deny it the end of life. Keep reminding yourself that after becoming normal you can start a new one again. Mental negativity, disappointment can have a bad effect on your future. Remember, a healthy body can be found only after mental relativity.
  • Try to bring the routine to the correct sequence again. Do things that kept you busy and happy before you. Some of the mental constraints will be removed due to old activities.
  • If old habits are finding it difficult to get involved in your routine, then find something new according to your convenience. New crafts can give your life a new perspective of stability and living.
  • If you have a connective tissue disorder or bone problem then do not show quickness in coming to the normal stage. By doing so you can cause permanent damage to your muscles or bones, which will be very difficult to get back to normal.

How to apply Obesity prevention after abortion

  • Make your personal calorie register. In which you can target the calorie of diet, snacks, etc., from day-to-day to reduce certain calories from your average routine. In the beginning, it may seem difficult or impossible, but gradually getting used to it can lead you to a balanced diet over time.
  • Choose the type of exercise that you can easily with less stress and the least pressure on the lower body part. If you live in a moist area or sweat more, then take extra care of your personal hygiene.
  • If you are following the guidelines, dieticians, trainers or counselors of any of these 2 guidelines, medicines etc., then make sure that both of them know each other’s prescription. It should not be that due to the lack of communication you can take contradictory exercises, medicines that harm you.


    How a woman might sense after an abortion is connected to many things, including the level of consent she had from family or friends and whether she felt she had made the judgment for herself or not. 

    Some women may have more complications managing their abortions. Problems in coping seem to be activated by a number of aspects, including factors that are not instantly involved with having an abortion.

    Those who share negativity after an abortion is more likely to be those women who have sensed they are required to maintain the abortion a mystery or those who judged they acted against their own values or sentiments by having an abortion. Women who discontinue a wanted pregnancy because of a maternal or fetal health intricacy may also struggle more with this judgment. 

    Emotional Consequences Of An Abortion 

    As analyses point out, the woman may encounter a range of sentiments after an abortion. One can feel relieved or unhappy, or a combination of both, where most women sense have been briefed to dive into depression; this, in fact, glows a light on the significance of treatment and counseling for women pre and post an abortion

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