Other Importance Test for Hepatitis B

Normally blood tests, HBeAg, liver function tests, ultrasound scans, etc. are done to check Hepatitis B virus (HBV). Apart from these, some other tests are also done. This is the following:-

Hepatitis B core antibody (HBcAb) – It is a special type of antibody for hepatitis B core antigen. When you are infected with HBV, after about a month, this antibody begins to appear in the blood. It also appears in people who have had a transition before or have been infected with a chronic infection. It lives in that person throughout life. Therefore, whenever a blood donation, HBcAb is checked in its blood.

Hepatitis B core antibody IgM (HBcAbIgM) – this is also another type of antibody, which is only for Hepatitis B core antigen. If IgM antibody is present in your blood, then this test shows that you have had Hepatitis B infection within six months. This test also indicates that the chronic Hepatitis B infection may not increase again from the back.

Hepatitis B e-antibody (HBeAb) – This test indicates that the infection of HBV is gradually decreasing and the risk of infection is also decreasing.

Hepatitis D Virus (HDV) Testing

Hepatitis D virus (HDV), or delta agent infection, is for people who have had Hepatitis B virus infection. If someone has a Hepatitis B virus vaccine, it also prevents Hepatitis D virus infection. Hepatitis D test checks out HDV antibody. This test only shows that you have transitioned to HDV. It does not provide any information about acute or chronic infection. In addition, HDV RNA tests are also done. This test shows whether the patient has active HDV infection or not. This test also does not provide any information about acute or chronic infection. This test is not available right now. It is being used only for the purpose of research.

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