Overview of abdominal adhesions

Abdominal adhesion, such as rays, have tissues that are formed between the stomach tissues and organs. Typically, the outer surface of the internal tissues and organs is smooth (slippery), due to which they do not interfere even after rubbing one another during physical activity and the organ changes the position of the body and changes comfortably.

 Because of the limbs being smooth, they do not stick to each other. Sometimes abdominal surgery, after the operation of Crohn’s disease (swelling of the intestines), diverticulitis, hernia or colon, there is roughness in these very smooth organs of the stomach, due to which the appearance of this apparatus thread Develops in Because of which the affected tissues and organs stick to each other.

 The intestines are part of the digestive system, when there are abdominal addictions, they bind the intestines. Due to this there is a problem in moving from the small intestine to the large intestine. This condition is called intestinal obstruction. If it is not treated then the affected parts of the intestate die, causing very serious conditions. Even so, it can also cause sterility in women.

 Most of the patients themselves do not have access to information about abdominal addictions. Initially, when this problem is very mild, then there is a slight pain in the stomach and pelvic area. But gradually when it seems to be intestinal abstraction, then it starts to become vomiting, gas in the stomach and swelling in the stomach.

Usually, abdominal adhesions are not treated, because they do not have problems. But if they cause problems in stomachache, intestinal problems, sterility, then there is a quantity cure for this. But because of the risk of having their recurrence after surgery, it is possible to avoid surgery as far as possible.

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